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Block Club Schedule:

Note: Locations and dates subject to change. The network of block clubs belongs to the residents.

Arrupe- South of Lorain Block Club

Meets the first Tuesday of most months
The St. Ignatius Performing Arts Breen Center (W.30th & Lorain)
Contact is Julia Sieck: SoLoBlockClub@gmail.com

Bridge/Carroll/Jay Block Club 

Normally the 3rd Wednesday of the month but varies
Contact Ohio City Incorporated for meeting date, time & location
Contact is Judy Comeau-Hart: judyhart1970@gmail.com

Block Club 45-52

Contact Roger Scheve for meeting date, time & location
Contact is Roger Scheve: rjstheone@yahoo.com

Franklin/Clinton Block Club

Meets the fourth Thursday of each month
Fairview Gardens, 3207 Franklin Blvd.
Contact is Bill Merriman: billmerriman@sbcglobal.net

Fulton/Lorain/Bailey Block Club/Greenwood/Orchard

Meets the 19th of every month, location varies
Contact is Joel Elvery: joelelvery@yahoo.com

Randall/Whitman/John/Woodbine Block Club

Contact Ohio City Incorporated for meeting date, time & location
Contact is Kathleen Knittel: kknittel@cavtel.net

West 47th Street Block Club

Meets the 18th of every month, location varies
Contacts are Marcia Nolan & Bibsy: w47blockclub@roadrunner.com

Ohio City Shines

Ohio City Shines is a community-wide initiative which exists to create a more welcoming, vibrant neighborhood. It places emphasis on the participation of community residents and stakeholders. Ohio City Shines works to create a lasting network and enable residents to improve the quality of life in their neighborhood.

The program will have three areas of focus:

  1. Eliminating signs of Neglect & Blight
  2. Neighborhood Beautification
  3. Overall Safety & Security Improvement

How does Ohio City Shines work?

Using a web application called Neighborhood Stabilization Team (NST), trained teams of volunteers are enabled to record the various street conditions of a given neighborhood. The app, developed by [students at? / faculty at?] Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), then processes this data to create a kind of estimation of neighborhood conditions. This in turn informs community and municipality response to incidents of blight and neglect.

Volunteers will also be recruited and trained to help plan and implement community and special events such as:

  • Market District and Ohio City tours
  • OCI special events and year round activities in Market Square Park
  • Active programming in Fairview, Novak, and Greenwood Parks

Using the insights gained from NST, two major beautification projects are planned per year, in addition to cleanups and small scale maintenance projects. These major projects may include:

  • Greening and landscaping projects in high priority locations
  • Neighborhood murals
  • Ohio City flag program
  • Graffiti removal days
  • Community cleanups

To improve safety in the area, off duty patrols will monitor “hot spots” to crack down on low-level offenses. Also, in coordination with the Ohio City Safety Coordinator, block-watch programs such as neighborhood walks and porch light nights will be created.

For more information contact Kerry McCormack at kmccormack@ohiocity.org.