Ohio City's Historic Housing Stock is preserved under Historical Coding. The design review process helps maintain the character of the neighborhood.

Design Review

For Homeowners

The Ohio City Historic District was created in order to recognize and preserve the architectural heritage of one of Cleveland’s premier Neighborhoods. Historic Districts are areas of exceptional architectural strength where historic buildings and their surroundings are protected by a design review process. When properties have been designated by the City of Cleveland as part of a historic district, exterior changes must be reviewed and approved by the Cleveland Landmarks Commission in order to ensure the historic integrity of that property and the district as a whole are maintained. In Ohio City, as well as in several other Cleveland neighborhoods, these changes are also reviewed by a local design review committee, which helps to lend a neighborhood perspective to the review process, as well as give expertise on architectural styles prevalent in individual Cleveland neighborhoods. The Ohio City Design Review Committee fulfils this function in the neighborhood.

Meeting Information

Meetings of the Ohio City Design Review Committee take place at the offices of LAND Studio (1939 West 25th Street, Suite 200) on the first Thursday of the month at 11:45am year round. From January through October there is an additional meeting on the third Thursday of the month. Meeting dates and agendas can be found here.

Upcoming Meetings:

Thursday, May 1st (Submissions Due April 24th th at 5pm)
Thursday, March 15th (Submissions Due May 8th at 5pm)