Market District Ambassador
The Market District Ambassadors are here to help! Ask them for a free escort or for information about the neighborhood.

Market District Improvement Corporation

The Market District Improvement Corporation is the special improvement district for Ohio City’s commercial district, which surrounds the West Side Market. The success of this model in promoting clean, safe, and attractive places for residents, businesses, and visitors has garnered national attention. Market District ‘Ambassadors’ patrol the district on various days and between the hours of 7am and 3am for safety purposes. Services provided by the Ambassadors include removing litter, weeds, and graffiti, as well as greeting and welcoming guests of the neighborhood. Additionally, through a partnership with the City of Cleveland, Market District Ambassadors are responsible to clean and maintain Market Square Park.

Ambassadors have assisted as many as 10,000 visitors in navigating the Market District since 2012, a welcome benefit to these visitors’ overall experience. Furthermore, in the past seven months Ambassadors have provided some 500 escorts for visitors and District-area employees and addressed nearly 1,000 cases of panhandling. Beautification efforts in the Market District have been significantly boosted by the work of the Ambassadors. These include the removal of more than 100,000 pounds of trash and more than 1,500 instances of graffiti.

The work of the Market District Improvement Corporation stems from the conviction that great urban neighborhoods are defined by well-designed public spaces, people-filled streets and pathways, active storefronts, and an overall sense of history and discovery. Simply put, great neighborhoods have their own distinctive identity and personality. It is the fabric and visual character of Ohio City which attracts visitors, provokes a desire to stay, and brings people back time and again.

Contact the Market District Improvement Corporation by calling 216-621-6000.