Ohio City Incorporated Office
The Ohio City Incorporated Staff is made up of residents, passionate urbanists and community builders.


Zoe Adams, Marketing and Events Coordinator
e: zadams@ohiocity.org

Cynthia Connolly, Resource Development & Governance Manager
e: cconnolly@ohiocity.org

Anna Enderle, Physical Development Specialist
e: aenderle@ohiocity.org

Jane Gimbel, Executive Assistant/ Office Manager
e: jgimbel@ohiocity.org

Virginia Houston, Director of Marketing and Development
e: vhouston@ohiocity.org

Linda Litto, Ward 3 Social Services Coordinator
e: ward3service@gmail.com

Kerry McCormack, Director of Community Affairs
e: kmccormack@ohiocity.org

Thomas McNair, Director of Economic Development & Planning
e: tmcnair@ohiocity.org

Rosemary Mudry, Near West Recreation Coordinator
e: rmudry@ohiocity.org

Ben Trimble, Director of Residential Development
e: btrimble@ohiocity.org

Eric Wobser, Executive Director
e: ewobser@ohiocity.org

Contact us:

2525 Market Avenue, Suite A
Cleveland, Ohio

phone: 216.781.3222
fax: 216.781.3252